Comprehensive treatments can encourage the body's natural self-curative abilities and allow deep emotional release, bringing change and growth on all levels: physical, mental, and spiritual.  These treatments are based on traditional Chinese medicine principals, muscle tension patterns, and the belief that emotions are the internal cause of pain and disease. It also stimulates the flow of the body's vital force (chi).

Subtle changes can open new doors and allow a more complete expression of life and creativity with less fear, less tension, and more peace.  


Treatments designed for deep rest, healing, zoning out and tuning in. These treatments address each organ system and tap into the extraordinary meridians that hold vast reserves of energy. It is similar in effect to the yogic savasana.



Natural beauty is totally possible.  The thinnest needles applied locally to the face combined with carefully selected points in the body, rejuvenates the facial appearance - uplifting sagginess, softening tension wrinkles, promoting collagen production in sun-damaged or aging skin, lessening acne, shrinking the pores and brightening the eyes.  Tiny micro-traumas created by the needles stimulate a healing response in the face, bringing new blood and cellular regeneration. Chronic tension in facial muscles relaxes.  At the same time, through the meridian system, facial acupuncture releases whole body tension patterns and emotional stagnation that affect the facial expressions.  I recommend a course of 10 treatments over 2 months and monthly follow-up treatments. 


Your first appointment:
We will discuss your past medical history, as well as any therapies 
you have undergone or are currently receiving. This information will allow me to determine a better treatment plan.


Do you accept health insurance?
Not at this time.

What does acupressure & acupuncture feel like?
Both can causes a variety of sensations, some of which may feel foreign and unique. Patients often describe feeling heavy pressure or spreading, traveling sensations when the points are being stimulated. Sometimes no sensation is felt.  After stimulation of a trigger point, the muscles tend to immediately feel looser, with a reduction in pain and stiffness.

How will I feel after the treatment?
Many people feel deeply relaxed after treatments, while others may feel energised. It is best if you are able to take time out and rest after acupuncture to allow your body time to incorporate the treatment most effectively. Taking a hot bath and drinking plenty of water will help relieve any soreness that may result from a Trigger point release.
While receiving acupressure/acupuncture, you may notice improvements in your sleep patterns, appetite, digestion, and emotions even if these are not symptoms involved in your chief complaint. This is an indication that your body is undergoing the healing process and improving function.

How many treatments will I need?
The benefits of acupressure tend to be cumulative, working through layers of disharmony in order to achieve balance. I usually recommend one treatment a week for 3-4 weeks followed by a break for several weeks, which allows time for your body to thoroughly benefit from the series of treatments.  Many acute conditions will only need one series of 3 treatments for the condition to be resolved. Long-standing disorders may take more time, requiring follow-up sessions to further the healing process. In these cases, we can develop a maintenance treatment plan.  Sessions may also be scheduled for preventative measures and general wellbeing.


What if I experience intense emotions during the treatment?
Just like in yoga or massage, you may experience emotional release. This is completely natural and can be a sign that your body is healing. Breathing deeply can help the body and mind to relax during an emotional experience. 


What are the risks of acupressure?
There is no actual risk in acupressure. You may only experience local soreness and minor bruising.

What are the risks of acupuncture?

Local soreness, minor bruising, infection, and pneumothorax are the very rare result of acupuncture that can be minimised by the use of sterile needle and proper needling technique.


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