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Eptanisou 3 Street, 11257 Athens, Greece 

I also arrange meetings at your place upon request.


Weekly Classes

Simonson dance technique & Movement Awareness

This class is designed to align with the person's inner space and offers time to listen to the self, while embracing visualisation, breathing support, stretching, strengthening of the core muscles, and preparing the body for movement and release of tension. The combination of Simonson technique with Improvisation and other mind & body tuning methods will lead to understand and assess naturalness and motivation for movement that can update the mind-body connection.
The Simonson Technique, created and developed by the American master teacher Lynn Simonson, recognises that each student is unique and operates within individual musculoskeletal parameters. Rather than ask students to fit a pre-described ideal, they are guided and taught as to what is anatomically correct for their bodies. Through balanced alignment, deep stretching, proper muscle development, and natural range of motion through the joints, the student learns to self reference a movement through sensory awareness and how it feels, not by how it looks. The Simonson Technique develops and supports the body in such a way that it allows efficient and free movement, promoting the joy of dance while embracing longevity and well-being.

It is a lesson suitable for all ages and levels, for those who are interested in a personal inner journey.

@ Tres Marias Movement Cult: tba

@ Danzarin: tba

Progressing Ballet Technique

An innovative educational program that constitutes a journey into classical ballet technique, designed to enhance and make it accessible to everyone. Using equipment we come across in a Pilates lesson, such as the small and large ball and the band, we follow a specific repertoire of exercises depending on each student's level, which helps to develop muscle memory, maximize flexibility, strengthen and, to understand the basic principles of ballet.

This course is aimed at all levels and ages and is an ideal way for each student to experience and be introduced to the principles of ballet. It is also an appropriate lesson for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

@ Tres Marias Movement Cult: Mondays, 18:00 - 19:00

    Private and Group classes: upon request


Tone & balance your muscles, increase stability and strength in your joints & release those tight tweaks in your body in a dynamic, all-level class. Prioritise proper biomechanics to keep your body aligned & injury-free. Pilates incorporates props such as weights, therabands & physioballs to add that extra stamina & strength buzz.

@ The Secret Place: private and group classes

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